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Mind Your Body


A personal trainer to the stars and regular contributor to The Dr. Oz Show, Joel Harper has spent twenty years helping people achieve their weight-loss goals and optimally balancing every category of their lives. Over his career, he has witnessed firsthand thousands of health transformations and personal breakthroughs. But he’s also seen time and time again how different people following the exact same regime will produce stunningly different results.Through further investigation, Harper discovered that people who are stuck struggling with excess weight have one thing in common—destructive self-talk and negative thinking patterns.

The secret to successful and long-lasting weight loss, according to Harper, lies not in another fad diet, but in tapping the power of your mind. In Mind Your Body, Harper explores the crucial—and often overlooked—connection between meals, moves, and mindset. Harper provides a “wholeistic” three-step weight-loss program that will help you quadruple your weight loss, maximize your workouts by 85 percent, and boost your happiness and energy levels by more than 40 percent—in just fifteen minutes a day.

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, fed up with hitting weight-loss plateaus, and ready to finally achieve the health and happiness that seem so elusive, Mind Your Body is the self-empowering and life-changing mind-body solution you’ve been waiting for.

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